Sunday, April 25, 2004


But I didn't see Micah (who is featured in the animated picture below) dancing at Misshapes. However!, i did see the one and only Uncle Grambo and even danced with him to Blur and some other jawns. I wont even mention the extreme elimination dorkness that was at Pianos earlier in the night (if you want a hint, there were bloggers from all over the country gathered upstairs... i mean, all over), but I will say that holyshit, bloggers go to the bathroom a lot, and in numbers... together. I guess they like to watch each other pee.

Misshapes is fun.

Oxycodone/contin is bad.

And I'm still obsessed with the Iron Chef. Tonight's challenge? Oxtail. Yum. Maybe tomorrow they'll use frog guts.

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