Friday, April 23, 2004


I might not have enough time to give a really meaty update today, so i'm just mentioning some quick things:

New York City's favorite teenage band, Surefire, will be playing on Saturday at the Misshapes party at 10:30pm. They're not even old enough to dance there -- i'm not joking, they're like, sorting out prom dates at the moment or something -- but they're so fucking cute, oh, and they rock. My favorite Asian bassist, Alex Chow from The Madison Strays, will be DJing with Ryan Rayhill. If you go here, you'll be happy... cause drinks are cheap.

Sometimes, I wonder if people like the movie TRON way too much.

I like Pitchfork, but some of you might enjoy Rich Dork. Link from my future husband Chris Kelly.

Kirk Cameron loves God. Link from Gabrielle!

Check out a cover of Brit's "Toxic" that These Bones did.

Need money? Here's a fun and creative way to get some. Link from Adam Mandel.

I saw Inouk last night. They were great and reminded me of Dexy's Midnight Runners meets Edith Piaf, but not at all. I will discuss this band/show further at a later time.

I'm listening to new Giant Drag songs right now. Holy fuck. Have you all checked them out yet or what? They're unbelievable. They sound like a poppier Mazzy Star with elements of My Bloody Valentine thrown in. Sometimes Annie sings a bit like a mellow Kurt Cobain, and there's a song on here called "YFLMD" which stands for "You Fuck Like My Dad" and there's a line in one song that goes "Your dream, is my nightmare" ... which doesn't sound all that impressive here on this blog, but the way she sings it is just unreal. This is a band to watch.

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