Friday, April 2, 2004


I'm finally updating.

I'm going to Miami next week to spend an Atkins friendly Passover with my family and working on my (un)healthy glow. If you know of anything going on next week in Miami please post it here incase I get bored of looking at the waves and my family's faces. I'll be rocking the potato vodka, holla!

Wednesday I went to see the Killers, Ambulance LTD., and stellastarr* at Irving Plaza with Karen. I seriously can't get enough of the Killers. I want to take a month off work and follow them around like a fucking deadhead smelly hippy or something. If the Franz Ferdinand show was a homoerotic experience (it was), then the Killers show was the straight equivalent. I just danced around with the biggest stupidest grin on my face for the rest of the night and felt like I had just given birth to a gorgeous baby of rock that i quickly disposed of in a dumpster so could continue my night. I want to stick the members of the Killers (and their roadie and thier manager) in a box and keep them there so i could poke them every hour or so and be like "give me love," and they'd promptly start singing and playing their instruments and I'd dance around and scream "you guys are awesome!" until i had to get back to work.

Ambulance LTD were also quite great. I haven't seen them perform for almost a year and I was just in such a good mood after the Killers that they could've put on a shitty show and I would've been floating... but luckily they actually put on a lovely show. I felt like i was in some sort of sixties movie about california or something.

And then stellastarr*.... Dear stellastarr*, i have a problem with you. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU SO FUCKING GOOD? It's criminal. I used to go see them play at Luna and Arlene's and they were great then and I was like "they're great now. they'll get better." but their show blew my expectations. My brother, naturally, was bouncing around like a monkey on a trampoline with Seth. I think they enjoyed the show more then anyone. Also, their new song, "On My Own" (not to be confused with the american tale song sung by fivel), is fucking great. That was my first time hearing it and Killer Brandon had warned me that that song chokes him up each time. I started tearing up and looked behind me at Nina and Gina and started hugging them. Oh, the love.

The after party was open bar and since I was DJing I didn't really have to pay. So i played a bunch of songs and danced around like I had a seizure (in my head, i can totally dance), drank a lot. People bought me drinks, which was fucking great, thank you to those people. Killer Dave and his tight pants showed up with Killer Wyatt and we danced with Mandystarr*, my brother, Audrey and Brian (whom I flashed my troll-like ass to at some point), and Karen finally met Scott. Not in that order. I think i just bloggerfucked. Fuck. Blogga, please. I'll drop as many blogs as i want. Watch me! We're all a bunch of nerds anyway.

Including the DJing, I was in full on work mode since I'm doing a "making out with ultragrrrl" for the three bands... the ironic thing about my column is that I don't actually make out with anyone. For one thing, i'm not allowed to for ethical reasons (which I'm actually quite interested in being -- ethical), and secondly, despite the way I write and talk about bands, i've been known to run far away from boys who play instruments. I just don't date musicians (I'm even more scared of dating actors). This makes my job so null of temptation. Now if I had to cover unemployed artists with "substance abuse problems" for a living... I may have a problem on my hands. As far as my parents are concerned, I only date Doctors. Hey Andy.

Last night I went on this Booze Bus thing that SPIN organized. It was basically a bus full of high end sneakers by Royal Elastic, put on display like it was an A-Life shoe store, and college students who were visiting SPIN from RIT, and a bunch of people who work here, and a lot of booze and the Ravonettes. It was one of the more bizarre work experiences I've ever had and I was trying hard to channel my 17 year old self who would've thought that working at SPIN was like this every day of the week. It sort of is, but replace the bus with my work desk, the booze with coffee, the sneakers with cds, and the ravonettes with Tracey Pepper and Sia Michels. Not really bad actually! Cept, in my fantasy nobody laughs when I say "Muse is one of the best bands out there."

Then I went to Irving Plaza to meet up with Craig from the fine University of Connecticut. I had to duck into a bar to use the bathroom which overflowed like a horror film or something. I had just enough time to wash my hands and run out, tell the bar guy "dude, the toilet's broke." When I went outside i started telling Craig what happened when some totally cute boy walked by and said "why don't you blog about it?" So here I am. Really, i'm only blogging about it cause i thought it was funny that some random kid said something. I'm pretty open to suggestion sometimes.

So Craig and I went to Link to eat dinner and drink some beers and then met up with Sarah Wilson at Irving Plaza so we could swoon over the Walkmen. J'adore le Walkmen! I have no idea why, but Hamilton reminds me a bit of Mary J. Blige when he sings. I think i just think of MJB's performance on some VH1 special a few years back that seemed so desperate and wonderful and there's something about the way Hamilton sings that's very much like that. To me at least. Strangely, it was the Walkmen that made me love Radiohead less. They were doing things that Radiohead stopped doing after OK Computer. What I mean is, there was something missing with Kid A... like humanity. OK Computer changed my life completely. It's because of that album that I took working in the field of music seriously (in all honesty, it was my goal to meet Thom Yorke as a teenager so i could thank him profusely for filling some void that I didnt even know needed to be filled). There were endless mistakes on OK Computer that made them seem pure, and it seemed like there were none on Kid A. Or the sparkle was gone. Something. The Walkmen tho, they were doing something pure and organic. They sound like a drunken night in love. But you know, maybe my taste just changed.

Is it weird that i still love Muse?

Alright. Time for me to go home so I can have shabbat dinner with my family and kiss my doggy on her nose and hear my dad say "i dont understand what happened... you used to be so ... skinny." and hear my mom say "it's all the drinking you're doing." and then hear my brother say "yeah, you drink like a fish." and then talk to Laura on AIM about teenage boys.

Here's The Exorcist in 30 seconds, re-enacted by bunnies for a special rabbit loving friend of mine.

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