Monday, April 12, 2004


Alright, alright, alright. I know that John Mayer's cover of "Kid A" is about 4 years old. I got an MP3 of it before any of his singles even hit the radio waves and engulfed us with thoughts of wonderland-like bodies belonging to Jennifer Love Hewitt because I used to be insanely obsessed with Radiohead and would sit on napster all day long looking for Radiohead covers. (Actually, I remember now that Daniel the Orthodox Jew sent me a copy of the mp3 cause he's got the inside track on shit like that.) Anyway, back then I thought the cover was fantastic and today I still think that the cover is beautiful. I know it's not particularly "cool" to like John Mayer, but fuck being cool. Maybe it is cool. Maybe it's so uncool that it's back to being cool again. Either way, I'm treating this cover as an isolated incident. I got it today in the mail from Columbia as part of some sort of 5 song EP for "Clarity". Try to find it. I promise all Radiohead fans that it's worth it and not total sacrilege. If you disagree, which you might, please feel to post your thoughts in my comments section.

Here's a killer surprise for you.

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