Thursday, April 29, 2004


OK, I'm off to Coachella where, if you're going, you might spot me doing this at some point. You may also see me falling into about 40 thousand epileptic seizures due to the heat and incredible line up. I am not sure my heart can handle seeing Radiohead and the Pixies back to back, and then Muse and the Killers back to back, but if I die I'll be listening to The Killers as I float up to the heavens.

If you're looking for something to do tonight, I'm DJing at Pianos from 10-11pm. Karen promised to bring the Cooper Temple Clause by so i can see their hair up close, but I might be gone by the time they get there. Tonight will be a good night for you to "accidently" spill drinks on me incase I accidently spilled a drink on you in the past while i was drunk... or, if you know, if you walked at full speed into me causing you to spill your drink on yourself and got offended when i said "hey, watch out" in a cautionary voice because i dont really like to be run over by pedetrians, and it happens a lot since i'm really really short. Or if you were one of those innocent people who got hit by my drive-by beer shower at misshapes last week. I am SO sorry about that!

If you're gonna be in town this weekend, i strongly urge you to check out a band called Snowden at Plaid on April 30 or Pianos on May 1. I'm really sad that i'll be missing them and Jasper informs me that they're fantastic live. I suggest you at least check out: "Kill The Power", especially if you've liked anything I've ever recommended.

Alright. Say hi to me if you see me at Coachella! Bye!

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