Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Sometimes I wish the world was as gorgeous as a British Sea Power song. I have no idea when I got so emotastic, but let me just sit and love on them for a minute. If, on our ascent to the pearly gates, any of us gets a pick of what we want for our soundtrack, I think today I would say "Please, St. John or Paul or whoever you are, please hook me up with some BSP." Tomorrow I might pick Franz Ferdinand or Interpol, or any other band I'm growing increasingly retarded for, but today, today I'm requesting God hooks me up with British Sea Power.

Since I'm on a BSP kick, I decided that I would take a moment to see if the friendly neighborhood photographer, Jasper, had any photos of them on his site. The thing about the way Jasper takes photographs is that he makes every band look like they'll be as wonderful and majestic as British Sea Power, yet he's never shot the band, and if he has, he hasn't graced us with their photos. Obviously, the other photos he has up there are well worth you wasting about a half hour trying to decide which one you wanted to Rasterbate. I've sort of been obsessed with this image for some time, so last night, I did some rasterbation to it.

After I resterbated, I went to Pastis to meet up with Lance Crapo (whose name I'm putting here in full so when people google him they'll know the company he keeps). We had a lovely dinner outdoors and caught up on things as the wind blew receipts into our food and dust in his eyes. I never get to see Mr. Crapo these days, so the times I do are never long enough. Somehow he managed to push the right button on me which left me no choice but to attempt to do a round house kick to his head while standing in the intersection of 14th and Hudson as cabs tried to drive on. Naturally, because he's a ninja, he managed to capture my foot in mid swing, inches from his head. I wouldn't have kicked him hard, but just enough to teach him a lesson. Moments later we were standing outside of Lotus so we could attend some party for the anti-Mc Donalds movie "Supersize Me," that his brother's company did the distribution for.

Things that make me really happy today:

1. Jason Roth, the esteemed PR dude at Capitol Records, is pregnant! Well, not him, but his wife, Debbi. And she wouldn't have become pregnant if it weren't for him. Anyway, Jason is one of the greats in this world. You know the type: fun to be around, really funny, easy going, smart... his wife Debbi is his perfect match because she's all those things as well, but with boobs and now, with baby! The thought of them being parents makes me want to cry happy tears. That baby is going to be so lucky, especially since I promised to baby-sit it whenever they want. By the way, that's them on the left.

2. I saw a dog in a wheelchair this morning. It was this adorable blonde, long haired pug with bad hips that had this sort of cart for it's hind legs since the poor pooch had trouble walking otherwise. The dogwalker told me that the dog's doctor suggested to the owners that they put the dog down, they went for a second opinion, and now the doggie is happily wheeling itself around the lower east side licking the pee off trees. I wanted to kiss it's nose so bad.

3. 10 feet later, a dog walked by with a baseball cap on.

Anyway... Links time!

Teachers really need to calm the fuck down. It's a pity the images weren't put on the net as well. Alex says: "Bush really BOGGLES my mind."

I saw this dude on the Today Show this morning and predict it will be about 20 days until he gets a TV gig.

Fuck dry humping. Or is it, fuck, don't dry hump? I say, spoon. But that's cause I'm a prude.

Morning Theft is playing at Pianos tonight at 9pm. I suggest you go see them now while you still have a chance.

A couple days ago Karen posted a link to new Killers video. I'm so behind on things, that i'm only now posting about it, but I'd like you all to watch it for one simple reason: there's a moment when there's this insane close up on Mark the bassist's package. It cause my office to squeal in delight and cause my jaw to drop. I'm not one to normally notice such things (who am I kidding?), but the cock shot is just not to be missed. Anyway, Karen and I will probably end up stalking Mark's package when the Killers join their new BFF Morrissey on the Lallapalooza tour.

Also, the Cooper Temple Clause have officially set up camp at Karen's house. I wonder if she's doing their hair while they're there.

Over at the Daily Refill, the totally hot Jennifer has posted a link to a ballad about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen that is not to be missed.

Last, but not least, as some of you may have noticed, someone at the Black Table posted something about my lovely imagery of puking on ones mouth and then swallowing said puke out of excitement. I have since had correspondence with this writer. All is fine and lovely. I'm hoping she'll live up to my request that she think of me the day she pukes in her mouth and swallows it out of excitement.

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