Thursday, October 2, 2003


Fly Life thinks i have bodacious tatas. Thank you!

My friend Iann just shared this little tidbit about Morrissey that I thought I'd share: "i also love that the four times I saw him, the "pit" if you want to call it that, was three times as insane as any metal show. all these buff young jock men finally being ok with being a little gay and fighting each other to get on stage to give morrissey flowers"

OK, so Tuesday night was a fun night for me. I drank because I was allowed to. First i went to see Kill Hannah perform on the Carson Daly show, and in typical fashion i showed up an hour late and came just in time to see their part of the show. After the show me, Julia, Megan, Jess and a couple other went to get frosty drinks at Tequilaville since we've got class, and then wandered over to a Thai restaurant. Afterwards we all then went to an irish pub with KH near roseland and had a few beers (i only had one!) and Carson came to join us, which was nice cause he never did that with any of my other friends' bands who've played his show. Then we all went to SinSin to bid farewell/happy birthday to Tara Levitan, my bizarro twin. Then to Tribeca Grand to see Tommie Sunshine DJ. Then to Brooklyn to do Kareoke at Stingers. Then ... I've become such a fucking dork.

Last night was Marc's birthday party-thing, which he decided to hold at the St. Regis. Since i had nothing to do between work and those drinks, i decided to try the dinner at the St. Regis. Ugh. It was so not worth the price paid. Mind you, i'm willing to dish out a pretty penny for a good dinner, but what I got in return at the St. Regis was just satisfactory. I did get a kick out of looking like Oliver Twist in this fancy dining room eating raw tuna whilst reading the new issue of Details. They stuck me in the corner as if they were worried I'd scare off the other possible customers. Wonderful!

Anyway, the bar at the St. Regis is retarded amounts of expensive and despite only having a coke, I managed to blow more money than i'm comfortable parting with. Ugh. I didn't have any booze. I got Marc a shirt that says "I'm not an alcoholic, i'm a drunk. alcoholics go to meetings." He hated it.

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