Wednesday, March 31, 2004


This is a photo of Greg the Boyfriend. Who may one day become Greg the Husband and then Greg the Anulled Husband and then back to Greg the Boyfriend. So let's just call him Greg the Boyfriend.

Greg the boyfriend got the best ever MASH results known to human kind:

You will live in House.
You will drive a punk rock girl out of her mind.
You will marry a demanding bitch and have sexy kids.
You will be a spineless bastard in the bedroom.

(you'd think he hates women or something...)

Today i've grown totally obsessed with C.Lo's "Mono." I dont have a clue what hit me, but this morning I listened to the song while reading the lyrics and just sort of felt like an angstful 15 year old again and started dancing around my room and singing along like I used to when I was in high school and hating things. It made me feel like a fucking million dollars.

I think we all sold her short. Like the only way Courtney could redeem herself after all the mess she got herself into was to raise the dead... but she made a fucking great song. That should be enough. It's enough for me. I even love the bridge of the song that I didnt like before. I fucking love the chorus. I will be DJing this gem tonight for sure.

And I'm so fucking excited for tonight's show. I don't think i could ever get enough of the Killers. They make my head go crazy sometimes because they're so good. Their last track on their album sounds like a song that David Bowie could've written. There are nights when I listen to it on repeat for an hour and drift off into vike enduced sleep. It's so pretty.

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