Wednesday, May 5, 2004


Alright, so I've been back from Coachella for more then 24 hours and I was surprisingly back to normal yesterday morning when I woke up in my own bed, clean and no longer smelling of two days worth of sweat, chlorine, and dirt. I'm like a rubber band I guess.

Coachella was hot, sweaty, and fun. Really fucking fun and if you ever get a chance to go next year, i strongly urge it. I ended up staying in a bungalo about 5 miles from the coachella site with about 30 people who slept everywhere. I shared a bed with GiuliaDoll and Sarah Wilson, and on our floor was the ever gorgeous Kimberly Taylor-Bennet. In the bed next door was JasonProductshop, who was in bed with a few people, then there was Halified, Adam Mandel, Jordan and his family, and like, ten others. I shit you not. We BBQ'ed, swam in the pool, soaked in the jacuzzi, read up on Mary Kate and Ashely, ate, cooked... yeah, it was a good time had by all!

By the way, if you ever need to hitch a ride back home, look for a pick up truck with a Jesus sticker. These lovely Jesus people picked me, kim, jordan and jason up on saturday night, drove us all around, and then gave us TUIT stickers after telling us "God Bless You." Now i sort of love Jesus. Thank you Baby Jesus! Ps. Jordan's shirt is kinda gay.

The highlights of Coachella for me:
The Pixies - who sounded like they must've about 10+ years ago.
Radiohead - everytime i see radiohead, my former total retarded obsession, i am like "eh, i've seen them a dozen times, i'm like, not losing my head over seeing them again." and then they take to the stage and i have mild epileptic seizures and dance in ways you'd be embarassed about. Then they played creep and i was in need of a new pair of underwear. Thom held that last note for like, 30 minutes.
Muse - they were about 20 times better at coachella then at the bowery ballroom show. I did notice that for one song there might've been prerecorded backing vocals, but that was for ONE single song, and I can handle that. Plus, at the SPIN party Matt told me that they're gonna tour the states a bit more, including CureFest with the Cure, Interpol, the Rapture, and Mogwai. Right, so you know when I say something gross and get a million complaints from readers in my comment box? Well, fuck you cause that news made me so excited that puke tried to come out of my nose.
The Flaming Lips - So totally incredible. I've never seen them before so i was insanely blown away and didn't want them to ever end. Sadly, they played only 4 songs, but all good ones. Um... Wayne came out into the audience in a fucking gigantic bubble. A GIGANTIC BUBBLE. Fuck you. That's amazing.
The Killers - it was sweltering in the tent they played in, but i sweated to the oldies and threw my hands in the air when the full on gospel choir came out. As Brandon Flowers promised me a few weeks ago, they were better then the one that came out at SXSW.

The Cure was a bit on the not-so-amazing side. They played lots of really great songs, but the volume was too low for their set and the mix was just really awful. These are things they couldn't help, plus following the Flaming Lips' show was going to be difficult no matter what.

Last night i went to see Morrissey in Harlem and i dont think I've ever had a reaction to a show like I did. It was full of superfandom for me. I was shaking and laughing very hysterically in a frightening way. Poor Rob Sheffield. He stood next to me and didn't inch away once when I grabbed his arm and started being sort of like a maniac. Also, I yelled out to Morrissey "I LOVE YOU" and he said "HOW MUCH?" and i couldnt move. I could only stand there laughing like "ahahahahahahhahahahahaha" breathe "ahahahhahahahahhahahahahha" breathe "ahhahhahahahahahhhhaha." I dont even know what song he played after that cause i was like, on cloud nine for a bit.

OK, i'm gonna go see "A New York Minute" now. Thank you Baby Dave Itzkoff!

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