Tuesday, September 14, 2004


From the Sun: THESE baby gorilla twins showed they are thumb-thing special when they were unveiled yesterday.

The male and female are a rarity as gorillas rarely have more than one baby at a time.

Mum Kena gave birth at Barcelona Zoo last month but they were shown for the first time yesterday.

Their grandfather was 28-stone Snowflake - the world's only known albino gorilla.

A zoo spokesman said: "They are in perfect health."


Please go check out 9:30pm - The Morning After tonight at 9:30 at Rothko. They're totally fantastic and just your band if you're a fan of the Jim Carrol band. Marc Spitz likes them so much that he asked them to play his birthday party next month.

I'm not sure what you're doing Saturday night but there are two things going down that seem like they could be loads of fun (yes, i'm biased):

The Sons of Sound are playing at Sin-e (on the lower east side) at 9pm.

After that, hop in a cab to Brooklyn to hear me DJ songs at Red & Black. Maybe I'll make out with more boys and girls then I did last saturday at MisShapes, but probably not.


rita said...

Just wanted to say that your blog is really cool, and the other day I was watching a Eminem Documentary and I saw you! Here in Brazil!!! Isn´t it cool???

Anonymous said...

dude, those gorillas look human.

Jane said...

awsome! i'm a twin!

Nikola 6 said...

Does anyone else see the resemblance to Mary-Kate and Ashley here? They were pretty simian as babies too!

Anonymous said...

shit! those gorillas look like shit. i would eat 'em up though. and i know snowflake...me and a friend used to put his picture on our desktops and make fun of it.

...real mature. but you're my new hero.

love, hugs, and slobbery kisses...

Anonymous said...


A heart of stone, a smoking gun
I can give you life, I can take it away

A heart of stone, a smoking gun
I'm working it out
Why'd you feel so underrated?
Why'd you feel so negated?

Turning away from the light
Becoming adult
Turning into my soul
I wanted to bite not destroy
To feel her underneath
Turning into my soul

She don't think straight
nah nah nah
she don't think straight
She's got such a dirty mind and it never ever stops
And you don't taste like her and you never ever will
And we don't read the papers, we don't read the news
Heaven's never enough, we will never be fooled

And if you feel a little left behind
I will see you on the other side

Cos I'm on fire
I'm on fire when you come

I'm on fire so stub me out

Sarah said...

I love it when people quote bloc party to me

Anonymous said...

Happy new year!!

Av said...

Those gorillas are so cute I'm gonna make them my desktop wallpaper on my work computer.
Also happy new year.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Sarah!!!

- Future Mr. Ultragrrrl

Anonymous said...

hey ultragrrrl i live in mexico but i went to barcelona in 1998 and i met Snowflake(copo de nieve) and i just wanted to say that he's dead but the really sad thing is that he didnt left white chimps and that's fugly cause his color was the hottest...well bye ultragrrrl just got the new spin today(i only buy it for ur column ;)