Thursday, September 2, 2004


Dogs Die In Hot Cars isn't the worst name, but when I was younger I remember seeing all those PSAs on ABC while I was watching cartoons and they had this one about leaving dogs in cars and how they would die if you did that. I love dogs. I don't want them to die in hot cars or any cars. That's why I don't like this band's name.

However, the band, is great. They're like Dexy's Midnight Runners. Simple and fun. When I listen to them I feel like I'm watching VH1 Classics. I recommend the song "Celebrity Sanctum."

Speaking of VH1 Classics, if you have TiVo or DiVo or whatever, you need to have it record "The Alternative." It's like watching "120 Minutes" 17 years ago. The last episode had Jesus and Mary Chain, Blur when they wanted to be the Stone Roses, old REM, and the Plimsouls. It's the best music television out there.

Scott Lapatine is today's Gothamist Interview. Scott is awesome, if you didn't already know it. He said I can DJ his wedding. Well, ok, he didn't, but I'm gonna stand outside the shul in a trench coat and gigantic boombox playing a mix CD.


Sven said...

rock-n-roll daughters on E!.... you make me laugh.

stereogum said...

A) It's VH1 Classic! No plural. But thanks for the shoutout.

B) You are totally my wedding backup DJ! Like, if the DJ dies in a hot car on the way to the reception or something.

spencer said...

how's about: I Hate You When You're Pregnant -as a band name.
pretty sick

stereogum said...

And C) We're not getting married in a shul. We're getting married in an awesome mansion!

Britton said...

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