Monday, September 20, 2004


Ultragrrrl: new sienna miller photos!:
KarenRTAG: damn her
Ultragrrrl: SOOOO PRETTY.
Ultragrrrl: Dare i say, she's looking better than kate?
KarenRTAG: i was about to say!
KarenRTAG:: look at kate moss actually not looking so good!
Ultragrrrl: she needs a nap maybe.
KarenRTAG: and perhaps a baby?
Ultragrrrl: she's got a baby.
Ultragrrrl: eating pills of ex maybe.
KarenRTAG: hahahahahaha
KarenRTAG: that would be the greatest david lachapelle photo... sadies baby and kates baby lounging by a pool rolling on ex
Ultragrrrl: hahah.


Anonymous said...

now sienna miller is GORGEOUS. i'll drink to that. it looks like her and jude are wearing the same self tanner? their skin is like the exact same color --it's that perfect coco that's so hard to find. damn those celebs and their self tanner secrets.

Anonymous said...

Ultragrrrl: blablabla?
KarenRTAG: blablabla!
Ultragrrrl: blablalablalbla haha
KarenRTAG: bla bla
Ultragrrrl: bla bla blabla (generic comment about the looks or actions of an unnecessarily well known useless person)
KarenRTAG: bla bla (generic reply with the addition of a generic suggestion about the reasons of the looks or actions possibly involving drugs or sex)

(no offense btw. you're probably a very kind person.)

spencer said...

mmmm, and she smokes too. i love it. nothin sexier than a smoking hottie smoking.

punkermint said...

hahaha did you know that sadie's wee girl actually took an e at a children's party a few years ago haha

Anonymous said...

you two are idiots.