Sunday, April 17, 2005


I'm sitting on my couch on this gorgeous Spring day watching The Alternative on VH1 Classic. I plan on leaving the house eventually, but for now, i'm quite enjoying this. Anyway, Blur's "Girls & Boys" just came on, and for the first time, I listened to the lyrics. I'm not sure why i'm surprised, but it turns out the lyrics are a lot more intelligent than I ever thought. It's basically an anthem for your typical spring breaker -- you know, going down to the cliched destination for Spring break, meeting people, having sex, getting blisters from sex with the person you dont know. It's meant to sort of tell people to have sex with people they know and love (while sort of making fun of them). All this time, i thought it was about... well, nothing.

By the way,"Du bist sehr schön" means "You are very beautiful."

Afghan Whigs' video for ""Gentlemen" is on now. If you stuck Greg Dulli, My Brother Lawrence, and Joquin Phoenix in a room together, the world may explode.

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