Wednesday, April 6, 2005


Karen and I had so much fun DJing at the Orchard Bar a couple of weeks ago that we told them we wanted to make it a regular thing. So now it's gonna be the Tarts of Pleasure with Mark, Ed, and Josh Fontaine (aka DJs Mr. Bombastic and Thought Sniper), dropping the tunes that make you thump your lil boooooty. The party is even gonna be called STOLEN TRANSMISSION -- like my new record label, word -- so come by, drop off your demos, and have a drink. I'm working on getting some drink specials lined up (ie: free booze), and will have free Manishewitz on hand (that I will try to find miniature shot glasses for like they do in Temple) since it's shabbat.

It will also be the Fiasco after party, which will celebrate their first night playing a weekly residency at the Delancey. They go on at Midnight. They're funk soul bruvvas.

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