Friday, April 22, 2005


Saturday night I got a text from Josh saying "Hah Sarah's band chose your name!" He was referring to his sister sarah, and he was referring to the band name i suggested to her over brunch a couple of weeks ago. Since 2001 I've been holding on to that band name for the day I decide to start my emo group. Since that wont be happening, I recently started offering it up to any friend that approached me saying they needed a band name. I am so excited that someone decided to go with it. I knew it was a good one! I mean, i had a feeling. But like most of my ideas, I'm convinced that i'm the only one that thinks it's actually any good. A couple of months ago I was with my friend Mikey and I told him the band name, his response was "I hear a lot of band names every day, and that's one of the best ones I've heard. I would see a band cause of that name."

So what's this name? Who is this band?

Her Daily Obsession

I know a lot of people hate on the Bravery, but I'm saying this as a huge compliment: HDO sounds like a female fronted Bravery. In that the beats are disco, the vocals are crooner-ish (in the female way, much like controller.controller or Pretty Girls Make Graves), and the guitars at times hang out on single notes in a metal kind of way (ever notice that in the bravery's "honest mistake"?). There's a song on the website if you want to check it out for yourself.

I got the idea for the band name because, in 2001, even more so than now, I had a new favorite band/song/thing every single day. One day it's JJ72's "Algeria" the next it's The Walkmen's "We've Been Had" and the next it's Mary-Kate Olsen. Someone at work, i think my boss, used to playfully tease me about this, and i thought to myself, "i've got to have a new obsession daily." and it sort of morphed from there into Her Daily Obsession. Like, what I thought someone observing me would sort of mark down if they were doing a scientific study about me. "Sarah Lewitinn. Age 21. Eats pirates booty and honey mustard pretzels for lunch with iced tea. Reads message boards. Watches Surpise!By Design during lunch. Writes with right hand. Her daily obsession for tuesday is: Quotes by Liam and Noel Gallagher."

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