Thursday, April 28, 2005


I decided to pop in Radiohead's Pablo Honey for the first time in ages thanks to, ahem, Britney's purchase the other day.

1. "Creep" is a fucking great song. Fuck all y'all who are too cool to agree. The song is timeless and gorgeous. Painful and urgent. It's everything a song should be and I don't care that it was a fluke hit wonder or whatever you care to call it. The song is good and I'm not ashamed to call it one of my favorites. Mind you, from the ages of 17-20 I was unable to go a day without listening to OK Computer at least once a day. I couldn't drive a car without listening to "The Trickster," and I still think "Let Down" is musical genius x1000.

2. "Been Thinking About You" from Pablo Honey is feircely underrated. A short diddy about obsession and masturbation, I don't know how I've lived this long without sticking it on a mix CD for a long lost love. Maybe cause I don't really have any long lost loves, but I might just get one so I can include this song on a CD mix.

3. When you're covering a song and don't fuck with the arrangements, you don't have to get permission, you just need to pay royalty on the song. This means that Britney could potentially cover "Creep" if she wanted to, and I would actually like to hear that in a sick perverse kind of way. Maybe because I really hold nothing sacred. But maybe she wants to cover "Anyone Can Play Guitar," but fucking hell, imagine she covered "Creep." The song is so desparate, I'd love to hear what she does with it. Can Britney sound as desparate as a 5'4, pale, odd-looking (but strangely sexy), 20-something british musician with a wonkey eye that I would pay good money to lick? I can't even picture Gwen Stefani covering "Creep" and she's more "credible" than Britney. I could picture Matt Bellamy covering it though. Haha.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Scott!

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