Tuesday, April 19, 2005


From what I've been hearing, which may or may not be true:
A new Pope was elected.
His name is Pope Benedict XVI.
He's about 80 years old.
He was a member of Hitler Youth (which, I first dismissed the weight of that by saying "Well, Hitler Youth was like the boy scouts, everyone was in them. When you're a kid, you dont know the difference.") But then I realized that he was at least 20. At 20 years old, you should probably know the difference.
BUT I also heard he resisted against getting drafted by the Nazi's. So that's good.

Does anyone have any knowledge about Pope Benedict XIV's past?

Pope BXIV was an ANTI-NAZI.

Read This.

And Dave McDougall wrote this:
Sarah - so you've got the story - here's a bunch of facts I stole from
various sources and remixed into coherency:

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was elected pope today, taking the name Benedict XVI.

Joseph Ratzinger was born on April 16, 1927, in Bavaria, Germany.
Ratzinger was only 6 years old when Hitler came to power, never
attended the Hitler Youth meetings required of all German adolescents,
and was an unwilling conscript in the Nazi army at the age of 16. (He
deserted two years later, at the end of World War II, having never
fired a shot in defense of the Reich.)

Ratzinger started out as a progressive priest and was a liberal
theologian during the Second Vatican Council. After the student riots
during 1968, however, he began a sharp turn to the right. He served as
John Paul II's theological advisor for most of his pontificate and has
been a leading force behind efforts to repress liberal, progressive

Ratzinger may be the best known cardinal in the world, in large part
because of his consistent defense of the most conservative and
traditionalist positions. He is wildly popular among conservatives,
but just as unpopular among liberals. The election of Cardinal
Ratzinger represents a strong vote in favor of conservatism,
traditionalism, and a continued fight against the modern world.  He
has denounced homosexuality as evil and other religions as
"deficient". He also reined in proponents of Latin American liberation

Cardinal Ratzinger has long served as prefect of the Congregation for
the Doctrine of the Faith, the institution once known as the
Inquisition. He was known as "God's rottweiler" for his unswerving
defence of Catholic orthodoxy.

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