Thursday, April 7, 2005


Tonight I went to the Darkroom and met up outside with old buddies that i hadn't seen in a while. An amazingly bizarre conversation occured:

"So, how is London?"
"Oh, wow. It was great. thanks for asking. how'd you know i was there?"
"we met some fellow in the lift at mtv who told us."
"a guy in an elevator? really?"
"yeah. he said that you were also doing A&R for Island while you were in London."
"yeah, that's what the guy in the lift told us."
"are you serious?"
"some random guy in the elevator told you all this?"
(thinking that maybe they mistook me for some one else... but unfortunately at the same time that everyone happened to stop talking) "Do you know who i am?!" (realizing that came out the wrong way...) "I mean, I think you think i'm someone elese!"
(a person I know much better in the group that was in the elevator)
"no, no, the guy in the elevator said it was you. He said 'sarah lewitinn' to us."
"what did he look like?"
"black hair with gray on the sides."
"what was his build? age?"
"about 28, nice build."
"oh my god. that was gideon. holy shit, he doesn't listen to a word i say! I dont live in london and i'm NOT doing a&r for island!"
"ok, cause i thought I was seeing things when you biked up to us."

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