Sunday, April 24, 2005


My buddy Colin sent me over to his blog (which happens a lot), and i loved it so much (which doesn't happen as much).

I don't know what made me fall in love... the Jaques Lu Cont remix of "What You Waiting For?" or cause he had The Normal's "Warm Leatherette" up for my downloading enjoyment. Word!

While we're on the topic of MP3 blogs, fluxblog is probably the most on top of his shit.

And these two are a covers dream...

But this page, which has a shit ton of Joy Division covers, explodes my vagina 8 different ways til tuesday. (link from copy,right?.

Also, thanks to everyone who made it down to STOLEN TRANSMISSION on friday to see Josh and Junior DJ! I was able to make it down and one of the best moments was when this really pretty girl and I were talking and she said 'This is a fun party, do you come here a lot cause we've been coming for the past few weeks." Yay!

Plus, Junior Sanchez (whom also had a set at Misshapes last night that was unreal, is the illist.

Speaking of Misshapes last night, if you were there you might've seen Ms. Kelly Osbourne DJing. I was supposed to be helping her out (like i did for Hilary D), but after showing her the ropes for about 3 minutes, the girl had her shit down. She knew exactly what she was doing and i was floored. I stuck around in the DJ booth just incase she had any questions, needed any music, and just to make sure everything went dandy... and it did! Probably one of the best moments was when she played Ozzy's "Crazy Train" and followed it up with her own single "One Word" or when she played "The Never Ending Story." Junior felt like she brought down the house with "Like a Prayer" by Madonna. I agree.

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