Thursday, April 14, 2005


the friday night party returns! i'm gonna try bartending for a bit on friday. TRY, being the operative word.

Lastnight I DJed the Duran Duran afterparty at some new hotel in midtown with Karen. I wish I could remember the name of this place (UPDATE: A reader reminded me that the place was called Hotel QT, check out the photos on the site) cause the party space was out of control bananas. The room we played in had a small pool and saunas behind us. Since it was open bar, i have no idea how expensive drinks were, but I'd imagine they'd be pretty expensive. Our new (drink) manager, Sune, kept us lubricated... so much so that when Austin from 'Project Runway' showed up, I started hollaring his name in excitment. "Austin! Austin! Austin!" Simon LeBon didn't even get such a reception! Project Runway's Nora was there too, and she was gorgeous. Once we were finished DJ (and our (drink) manager had gone home for the night after getting too drunk, himself), I found myself standing by the pool trying to pull my friends in. Seeing as nobody was gonna come in with me, i ripped off my tutu dress (I was wearing pants and a tank under my dress), threw it in my friend Leigh's arms (dude leigh, not girl leigh), and did a backdive into the pool. When I came to the surface I saw Lil' Jon standing at the edge. I thought I was seeing things, but no, it was lil jon. Leigh's friend Eli grabbed a towel for me and I bid everyone farewell and went home.

I think that sounded like a dream i had.

UPDATE: This conversation just happened:
Karen: Sar, so you want to know why Austin didn't come by to say hello?
Sarah: No, why?
Karen: Cause that was Jay!
Sarah: Huh?
Karen: His name is Jay! Austin was the one who wore lipgloss.
Sarah: OH. MY. GOD.
Karen: That's why he didn't come up to say hi! He must've thought we were making fun of him!
Sarah: No!!! How did we do that?!
Karen: We're totally the tards.

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