Wednesday, September 26, 2007


So today I went in for my follow up exam. As I laid in the examination chair my oral surgeon greeted me and said "So, you're not going to work today?"

"Oh, I am. Right after I leave here."
"But you're..." his voice trailed off as he looked my outfit up and down, stopping at my motorcycle-ish boots that i stole from gurj that she got from Forever21.
"Not dressed for work?"
"Uh... well, you're not wearing... You're going to work?"
"Yeah, it's a very casual office."
"I just figured the dress you wore last time was your work attire."
"Really? Um, no. I can wear whatever I like."
"So what do you do at work?"
"Release records. Market those records. Deal with all the aspects of that."

To which he asked me to explain more about... which I tried.


dza said...

i wanna stab this guy.

Unknown said...

idk about dentist. maybe i watched too much little shop a' horror.

Unknown said...

Totally off subject, but I thought of you when I read this. It had me laughing my arse off.

Anonymous said...

When I went for my follow-up a week after my surgery, my doctor commented on how wide I was able to open my mouth so soon afterwards. I'm a sax player! Damn HMO perverts.

We got the Schoolyard Heroes' cd at the radio station. Convince me to put it in the "add" pile.

MEIK! said...

That's weird. Next time dress up as a mime so and explain in hand singles and gestures. All I got to do was have a med student look at my butt and tail bone today. I felt kinda bad for her and a little violated.

Christopher Cochran MD said...

At some point you may be asked to give feedback on this creep. Your wisdom teeth are gone, obviously so you won't have to deal with him, but be sure to leave honest feedback. I deal with complaints about health care professionals a lot, but if no one officially documents them, they didn't happen. It doesn't sound like he did anything unethical or illegal, but being a creep should impact his practice, but only if he has a bad reputation. As a doctor, I hate to be defined by lousy stories like this one. Better luck next time.

Anonymous said...

He just seems curious

but rude

I love meeting people like that so I can blow them and their misconceptions away.