Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This is an unpaid internship in New York City. We treat our interns very well and sometimes they've moved up in the ranks and got paid. I started out as an unpaid intern and had about 10 unpaid internships and now i'm making paper, so no whiners and unappreciative people.

I'm looking for 3 different kinds of interns:

1. An intern who knows your basic HTML (You can learn basic HTML by going to webmonkey), and can help update/maintain social networking sites like MySpace, PureVolume, Virb, Facebook, and YouTube. if you are that kid that spends all day long on messageboards and livejournal, WE WANT YOU

2. An intern who can do graphic design. We constantly need online/offline flyers made. Also, if we need a tshirt made for an artist, you can have your big break since we'll probably come to you first. Then you have some tshirt for your resume and you can get a paid gig somewhere. Trust me, this happens if you're patient. We will also need you to work with the intern that's working on socialnetworking pages so that you two can make shit look awesome.

3. An intern who knows how to do video editing and likes to shoot short videos for fun. When our bands come to town, we like to shoot them (not in the face, but to film, or whatever). Sometimes they come to the office, perform in random places, and other random shit. We'd need you to film that stuff, edit it, and have fun. If you're really good, maybe we'll send you out on the road with a band to shoot them on tour. Who knows, the possibilities are endless and it's all about what you bring to the table.

All interns need to be 18+... at least ideally.
All interns need a personal laptop that they can bring into the office to use.
Ability to come to the ST NYC office at least 2 days a week.
We don't offer college credit for this internship, but shit will look sick on your resume.
If you want college credit, then you can possibly get an Island internship, which really isn't as fun as an ST one.
if you are under 18 and/or dont live in nyc but think you want to dedicate your free time/life to helping out ST.... then reach out anyway... but you need to be like, the queen/king of myspace/messageboards/facebook etc for us to consider you. i dont mean likeyou need to have a plethora of friends, you just need to be really good at the internets

i don't want any turds that have never heard of the strokes, interpol, or the arcade fire, and think that maroon 5 is new music. i have NOTHING against Maroon5 and would one day love to stare at the singer in the flesh, but they've been around for a while. you can like shitty emo music and i wont hate you... as long as it's good shitty emo music and not for real shitty emo music.

Do not email me asking for the internship. i'm really busy and disorganized.

Thanks! i love you.
Sarah Lewitinn


Anonymous said...

Wait, the Strokes, Interpol, and the Arcade Fire haven't been around for a while?

Ra Ra Retard.

ChellStar said...

wish i was 18 with no bills and in no need of an income.

Anonymous said...

still don't understand the no credit thing. it is the school's decision whether or not to grant credit.. all you guys need to do is sign off on it. i actually think its illegal for unpaid workers to NOT be earning credit.

Ultragrrrl said...

i'm not sure about how the credit bulljive works. ask joanna. i dont make the rules.

(husb and wife) said...

Yeah, I think nick is right that it is illegal unless you either offering credit or paying min. wage.

Anonymous said...

Too young *emo sigh*

Seriously, though, I'm definately pursuing this in three years. Three very, very long years D: