Monday, September 10, 2007


Check out this video: Schoolyard Heroes - "The Plastic Surgery Hall of Fame"


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you can hear the whole album here:

Apart from the two songs we made videos for ("the plastic surgery hall of fame" and "dude, where's my skin?")my favorite songs are:

"Cematery Girls"

"Violence is All the Rage"

"All the Pretty Corpses" (specifically at exactly 3:25 - 3:57 ... fuck the production on that part makes me flip out every time i hear it).

"Beautiful Woman Hunter" (2:59 - 3:40 is so fucking sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, it sounds like Ryann is becoming posesssed... and at 3:25 when she screams "KILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" oh my god, it makes me want to. but in a very nice way that's totally fucked up.)

"Screaming "Theater" in a Crowded Fire" - Every Rocky Horror fan is gonna be touching themselves to this song.

sorry... i'm just a little excited about this. please listen and let me know what you think!

Also, check out these photos that a fan took. A couple faves:


Blamo said...

Okay. So. That part of Beautiful Woman Hunter is amazing and everyhing... But just stop. Stop and think about that song live now. I think my jaw is going to be glued to the ground everytime they bust that one out.

Screaming "Theatre" in a Crowded Fire is going to be a lot of fun too. Oh, the possibilities!

that jordan girl said...

As far as screaming "theater", the rocky horror comment intrigued me...and you were not kidding.

Anonymous said...

i effin love it!!!!
cementary girl and screaming "theatre" in a crowded fire are my faves. but seriously they are amazing. i really want the cd but i dont know if they have it in like hot topic or target or something.