Thursday, September 27, 2007


Karen+1 will be making her re-appearance at Angels & Kings on Friday! Horay! This is after a 3 week adventure in the UK where she managed to snag a topless photo of CoffinJoe, and a two weeks of being a jew with her moms uptown. BUT GUESS WHAT?! Karen just got a new job at Blender blogging from the road, so she'll be gone for like a bagillion years after this week. Which will leave me as just a lone tart with maybe my boyfriend in Karen's spot until November. SO COME WELCOME KAREN BACK/BID HER BON VOYAGE! ON FRIDAY!

Meanwhile, I'll be getting flown econo-class to Hotlanta to DJ Chris Black's birthday party... which will be taking place at someone's house and is getting covered by the Atlanta weekly paper. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT. If you're in Atlanta, you should come.


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Anonymous said...

which weekly, the loaf?

men's suits said...

He look old navy man,funny picture.