Monday, September 3, 2007


The blog is different looking now. Expect lots more updates. I'm kinda obsessed with PerezHilton these days, so expect penises drawn on my favorite band photos as well.


Anonymous said...

i like you.

however, perez hilton is the epitome of everything that is foul and wrong with american culture. he is vile and should not be praised or encouraged.

may i suggest reading a good book instead?

Anonymous said...

She's gone legit!

Ultragrrrl said...

do not be mistaken -- i'm all about everything wrong about american culture.

J said...

Ultrabutt - you ain't commenting on that Rick Rubin piece in the Times this weekend? I thought you'd have something to say about that joint. Scope it if you haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

rick rubin piece? why the hell is everyone giving so much attention to this lame article.

the idea: "$23 for the shitty music of all major labels... microsoft buying a label.."

I can't believe it. Finally -an idea- comes off from the industry, the only idea to come up in a long while and people pay so much attention to it, its amazing.

Anonymous said...

It's all doom and gloom, but then you go to a Gossip show or hear Neil in the studio and you remember that too many people make and love music for it to ever die. It will never be over. The music will outlast us all.