Tuesday, September 18, 2007


i'm in seattle for the next day or two and i've been sitting in the same chair for about 3 hours working from the cafe in my hotel.

in the past three hours, TWO people have sat down next to me and just went on and on and on TALKING TO THEMSELVES

literally, just talking

the first dude, it was his birthday... cos he said so. he kept on chatting with some invisible person named "dave."

"dave, i think we have to go soon. i know dave, i dont want to go either. ok dave. "

this went on for about 45 minutes until the birthday boy and "dave" left. i was waiting for some sort of "LOST" connection to take place.

then, just now, a woman with black hair cut into a bowl haircut and gray undercut sat down next to me. she started ... um, i think she was gossiping about the former presidents like Taft and Jefferson.

Then she left. I was hoping i'd get some good goss.


Anonymous said...

wow. how exciting.

MEIK! said...

Taft still owes me $50.
Oh man it's Invisible Dave's birthday tonight. Eeek I forgot. Stay sane in Seattle

hollyhodder. said...

welcome to seattle! hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

are you sure dave didn't have a wireless headset in while talking on the phone?

Prosper said...

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