Friday, September 14, 2007


For those of you who don't know Nicole Atkins, you should. She's what would've happened if Lee Hazlewood was writing songs for Mama Cass. Here is her video and it's gorgeous.

"The Way It Is"

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She also did this amazing cover of "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?" by Leadbelly. If you're like me, your first introduction to this song was through Nirvana's Unplugged performance.

One of the best things to happen in the Universal Music/Fuse settlement? Nirvana videos can now be played! See, this lawsuit hurt more than just corporation pockets. It suffocated young music fans for about 2 years from seeing what real real real alternative punk ethics were about. Not about the clothing lines, not about the whoring of one's soul for the gain of a band, no opening up your soul at the seams so that fans can invade your life and own you. None of that. Complete sincerity and artistic ethics.

I was sitting here and just telling my friend that i work with, Josh, that if you think about it, there's a quarter of a generation of kids who just started to enter their developing music taste years and they never got exposed to Nirvana because Fuse was the only place they could go to watch videos consistently. So while they were getting exposed to a bunch of good bands that were going through Warner music group, they weren't getting exposed to one of the BEST BANDS in recent history. The band, that like it or not ..., really changed the climate of music.

It's like they were the last band that got to remain somewhat mysterious. Why? Because Kurt will never get to blog and no artists will ever not be able to blog ever again.

Have you noticed that nobody really ever says "the next nirvana" anymore? I mean, save for that shit-stirring blog post that was probably the straw/camel in that argument... but reading blogs of some of these kids and it's like that phrase never existed. That phrase isn't important. That is terrible! It's because they dont even know why Nirvana was important or changed the worlds of kids their age 15 years ago.

Then again, Kurt was the highest paid deceased artist of the past year so people must still be buying Nirvana brand for some reason. I just think so much can be done now that Fuse can play a huge catalog of videos.


Lawrence said...

Feh! I'm waiting for the next Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark.

Anonymous said...

Kids may enjoy Nirvana now but they are obsolete in societal terms. Punk's no longer the self-sustaining underground entity it used to be because, imo, kids don't need it anymore. Or many our generation just sucks rhino cock. I'm still deciding. Anyway, I think these days kids are more into the music rather than the message so guys can't get away with poorly produced punk shit anymore, no matter how much passion they have.

Btw, what happened to MCR being "the next Nirvana"? (I think a lot of kids didn't relate to that, as a result of your points on limited exposure to Nirvana, etc.)

Anonymous said...

You know what would actually be really awesome? A band that didn't blog at all. In fact, a band that didn't use the internet at all. No myspace/Facebook, no band website, no internet self-promotion at all. It would actually be really refreshing in an era where every band spends more time expanding their web presence than practicing music or writing songs.

Anonymous said...

Ooh! I have tickets to see Nicole Atkins next month! I wasn't even interested in seeing her at all, I'm going because Gliss is in the lineup and I wanted to see them. I guess I'll be paying closer attention to Atkins now. Thx Sarah.

Anonymous said...

What lawsuit?

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, it's Jason, the segment producer of the Fuse Nirvana episode. Discovered your blog the other day when researching the experts featured in my show so far. Still no one can tell me who "the next Nirvana" is, and if they do come along I doubt they'll show up on Top 40. Maybe it's only in retrospect that these things become clear.

ps I like the hipster Made spoof. I used to work on that show, and I have to say it was pretty accurate.

Anonymous said...

Atkins is a talentless whore.

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