Thursday, October 4, 2007


old song.

I just finished reading the Ian Curtis bio "Touching From a Distance" by Deborah Curtis, which I think I read in 1997 or 1998 (when my brother found a copy in some indie bookstore and brought it home for me), but totally forgot the contents of it after ten years. I mean, i knew the story, but the story didn't hit home the same way then as it does for me now. Lawrence suggested I pick it up again to read and gave me his old copy that he lent me 10 years ago. I was able to read this from several different perspective this time around. The life experiences I've had in the past ten years all sort of came flooding back into my memory. I appreciate these memories. When the time comes, I wonder if I'll be able to bring them all back up to put down on paper. The Life of a Midget, by Sarah Lewitinn.

The Killers would have their own chapter in there, probably. I mean, there was this amazing adventure I took with Karen in 2003 when we flew to England because the Killers were playing a string of dates there, and we wanted to be there for them all. I was also still trying to persuade a British boy named tom that i was in love with him and that he was in love with me (no success!!!), and at the same time flirting it up with this teenager named barry (success!). Read about it here.


Anyway, the Killers did this amazing cover of "Shadowplay" by Joy Division. It's pretty fucking amazing. They were asked to do it by Mr. Corbijn himself!


Anonymous said...

People in England don't like Arabs? What?!

Anonymous said...

perspectives, not prospectives. and you used to be a writer!

Anonymous said...

the song is fucking awesome. and i'm amazed they are playing the 40watt in athens next friday. that is going to be great to see them at a small venue again. i am so fucking excited.

Ultragrrrl said...

i was in a rush when writing perspectives/prospectives, so thanks for pointing that out!

and yeah... i guess at the time, ppl in england didnt like arabs or something and i was with two of them.

Anonymous said...

Hot Fuss was orgasmic. Brandon Flowers is a little "off" but he's a damn good writer. said...

this cover by the killers is really good. and it´s a joy division song. so something like the holy grail for me.

the bio from deborah was also important in my life. one thing more who made me to a joy division fanatic. *lol*

one interesting thing was, that they have many right wing skins at their shows when they started out in late 70ies.
but that depend more on their name than on the music.

anyway. anyone´ve seen "control"?
probably a press viewing or something else?

Giles said...

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