Tuesday, October 14, 2003

All Day I Dream About...

Last night, by some act of God, I found myself watching the "Wade Robson Project" where I got to hear the new JC Chasez song and holy shit it was so fucking amazing. He played two songs last night, and it was the second one he played. It's sound was in the dead center of Fischerspooner and the Faint and I think my jaw is feeling slightly dislocated from dropping to the floor in disbelief.

It's so fucking good. So loud and agressive and dirty sounding. The lyrics for the chorus totally rip off Korn and go: "All day i dream about sex, and all night i dream about sex, and all the time i dream about sex with you."

Maybe i was just super high or something, but it was so fucking good. I need to download that song now so i can DJ it on wednesday.

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