Monday, October 13, 2003

All to myself...

According to sitemeter or something, nobody reads my blog. Which is great! This means that I don't have to worry about censoring myself and worrying that my brothers might read about what i've really been doing with my nights and ship me off to rehab. Perhaps I've installed my sitemeter thing incorrectly, which is possible.

Sadly, I haven't been doing much. I come home at nights and crawl into bed after having a smoke.

Friday night totally ruled my pants tho. I went to see Radiohead at MSG and the motherfuckers played "Creep"... which i'm not embarassed to say is my second favorite RH song (the best rh song is "Let Down"). I spent the entire time jumping up and down and up and down wanting to dry hump the person standing next to me cause i was so stoked that they were playing that song. Vicki and Alex finally arrived and I chilled a bit and experienced Radiohead the way God intended me to. I FUCKING ENJOY RADIOHEAD LIVE. I love them live like way too much. When I'm at their show I forget about Hail to the Kid Amnesiac and I just remember why I fucking love that band. Hail to the Kid Amnesiac songs make my nipples go stiff when they're played live. I'm a fucking loser.

After the show I went to the after party with Vicki and Alex and we had a fucking great time. Colin Greenwood seemed as interested in meeting me as he would be about getting Genital Warts or something. I dont really blame him. He played party host and had a lot of people to say hello to. So many people were pulling and poking at him that I probably would've been like "yes, nice to meet you" and run off as well if I were him. I did have a nice conversation or 4 with members of Sigur Ros (including Jonsi the singer!). I didnt see Thom there, but Alex swears he saw him. I nearly tripped over Ed O'Brien when i was leaving. It might be hard to trip over someone who is clearly a foot and half taller then me, but i should point out that it was an open bar.

Saturday I went shopping with Vicki and then went home to watch Justin Timberlake on SNL before passing out.

Sunday I discovered my new favorite activity: Dog Runs. Brian and I went to two of them and saw lots of dogs humping each other, and playing fetch, and chasing each other. Dogs fucking rule.

One last thing: RIP THE MODERN AGE

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