Wednesday, October 22, 2003


First off: The new stellastarr* is amazing. You can watch it on Melody Nelson. It's really, really, honestly amazing. I suggest watching the windows media player version cause the real audio one don't wanna work.

Now back to our regular scheduled "me" fest:

Lastnight began the weeklong-ish festivities of the CMJ Music festival. It was kicked off by a huge club night thrown for America's favorite sub-genre: Emo by the Syndicate. My friend Andy Greenwald (aka DJ No Emo No Cry), was the first DJ of the night... which meant that nobody was drunk enough to dance despite the fucking killer music he was playing. I saw this and ran onto the dance floor and tried out my favorite Britney dance moves with Chris Ryan which involved a failed attempt to do this split then backwards rollover into a head stand move...but ended up just hurting my back really badly. I wish i could say i made that up (that i actually acted that retarded out in public WHILE SOBER, but i can't). At least my embarkment onto the dancefloor prompted everyone else in the club to join -- i guess they figured they'd HAVE to look cooler than me.

I'm seeing the Killers tonight! Last night my friend took me to meet them and this evening i'll be getting dinner with them. I'm really looking forward to seeing them play. I sort of got into a fight with the singer because he doesn't exactly feel the same way i do about the greatest band in the world, Interpol, and I'm just about Interpol's #1 fan. Speaking of Interpol, i saw them last night in concert and their news songs made my heart beat in my pants. Holy fucking shit.

Drink tally: I think 2. I had a beer and a stoli orange with grapefruit and cranberry. My friend Jen seemed to know what this drink was called but i'm at a loss.

Tonight, my liver and i are in a fight.

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