Wednesday, October 29, 2003


I just got a Placebo cover album. It's not of bands covering Placebo, but rather, of Placebo covering bands. Here's what's on it:
they cover: "running up that hill" by kate bush; "where is my mind" by the pixies; "big mouth strikes again" by the smiths; "Johnny and Mary" by robert palmer; "20th century boy" by t rex; "the ballad of melody nelson" by serge gainsbourge; "holocaust" by alex chilton; "I feel you" by depeche mode; "daddy cool" by ?; "jackie" by sinead o'connor

My favorite covers so far are the ones of Kate Bush and the Smiths.

Last night I DJed a VH1 party for "I Love the 80s Strikes Back." I had several people asking me if I was still sober -- evidently not -- and offering me drinks. Drank two. Flirted with the waitstaff. Wondered if they're gay. Ate. Lugged about 50 lbs of records and cds on the subway and bus because i only had a $1.50 in quarters to my name.

It rained on me and now my hair is curley!

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