Friday, October 24, 2003

ugh. mother of hell.

I am feeling like such shit this morning. My body is like "hey, fuck you, bitch." I didn't really drink all that much yesterday (I think a shot of tequila followed by a frozen margarita with an extra shot thrown in to calm my nerves), but my body is feeling the pains. I stayed out past 4am, which was a really nice thing to do again -- but mostly because it's something I hadn't done in ages, and was unsure that i was actually capable of.

I started the night off at the Virgin Mega store to see stellastarr* perform. Met up with the usual suspects after the show and together we ran off to see British Sea Power at the Rough Trade night at Bowery. I was SUPER dissapointed that they didnt play "Blackout" but probably not as upset as Scott the singer who told me afterwards that he hasn't been so angry in three years. Apparently he thought the sound was total shit... but from where I was standing (which was upfront against the stage and center), it sounded so fucking hot. Not as good as the first time i saw them at North Six, but great none-the-less.

Kiran and I then went to get some Pizza at Rosario's and while i was there my friend Rob from Island Records called me to say that he had just signed the Killers and that they were all coming to the SPIN party to celebrate. So Kiran and I ate up and headed over there where I got to meet up with the boyfriends! I haven't seen the boyfriends in ages and i miss them so much. Greg cut his hair and was wearing this amazing coat and the whole hair-coat ensemble gave me a hard-on. I'm so psyched about going to London with him. Yay! Raphael looked fucking awesome as well. Lovely shirt-tie combo. Word. I have hot boyfriends.

The SPIN party was a fucking nut house. Packed with drunks who were slurring their every word to me. I danced on some tables because that's what i do.... but it took me a while to get to that point and spent the first 20 minutes sitting in fetus position and telling everyone who called "fuck, i can't help you, it's so crowded up here, fuck, i'm sorry, shit, i know you're my brother, but i dont know what to do, please forgive me, fuck". The Killers showed up and i went outside to meet up with them and my brother -- who were all waiting in line to get in. I decided that it was nicer outside than inside so we all went to the Hat to chill out for a bit... but everyone who met my brother said "whoa, you two look so much alike!" Yes. I look like a boy. With tits. That's fine. Anyway, this entry is getting really long. Let me wrap it up.

A new friend asked mine if i was more of a flirt when i was a drunk. The answer is yes. I was. I was the definition of flirt. I think he sort of assumed this when people kept on coming up to me while i was sitting with him and saying "remember when you were making out with so and so and then...?" or "i saw you on Brian's website -- you posed with his balls and he stuck his face in your rack!" you know, the normal shit like that. But alas, sobriety -- or an attempt at it -- has brought me a new found sense of modesty (at least in the making out dept).

My stomach feels like such shit. Ugh. I hate what happens to you the morning after you've been drinking. It's not fun. My belly feels like exploding.

Oh, i saw Carlos last night. I think he's sort of excited that i'm gonna dress up as him for Halloween but pretending not to be. He said that he'd dress up like me, but he doesn't own jeans or sneakers. Diego Garcia told me that he's in love with some mexican model and i accused him of being a modelizer. He's crazy, that Diego, but i like him. I adore Carlos tho. If he and i had kids one day, they'd look EXACTLY like Brian Molko.

I'm gonna crawl back in bed for a bit and curse the sunlight.

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