Thursday, October 16, 2003

lend me some sugar! i am your neighbor!

Last night I DJ'ed at Pianos for some fashion party that had this band called Laptop playing. Laptop were pretty fucking great... the singer's voice reminded me of that gothtronica dude Wolfstein (sp?). The band was made up of all women who were decked out and looking like models and being totally Robert Palmer. Anyway, this isnt important.

What is important is that there was an open bar for Stoli vodka and I double fisted until my speech was slurred. It was literally slurred. I didnt feel totally drunk, just super fucking happy -- but i was drunk. I'm gonna admit it. By the time I got off DJ duty it was after 11. So I rode my bike home and dropped off my records and was planning to head over to HiFi for Andy Greenwald's book release party, but i wasnt sure if it was still going on and Lizzy was worried about me riding my bike while drunk. Last time I did that was after Primal Scream and I turned up at some party gushing blood from a fall and totally oblivious to that fact.

I like Kelly Clarkson's jeans in her new video. She and i have the same "thickness" issues. I should raid her closet. I bought a pair of Diesel jeans the other day but i think i'm gonna return them. Diesels look so fucking cool on men, it's retarded... but on me, i look retarded.

I missed Interpol last night. This makes me really sad. So the tally of great shows I've missed this week is three. Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Interpol. I did get to see Thursday do an acoustic set at the Apple store last night. That was cool... but it wasnt Interpol. I heard that at the Interpol show, various members of the band actually went into the crowd and had sex with the audience members! DURING THE SHOW. that's how good it was. I'm trying to remind myself that I've seen Interpol 30+ times since 2000... including one evening when they came into offices to record something for our website and I couldnt convince anyone from the office to join me so it was like, me, interpol, and 3 others watching them perform songs. I gave birth right on the spot. it was cool.

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