Friday, October 17, 2003

sarah was a drinking and she was always drunk

My new favorite drink is stoli orange vodka with grapefruit and cranberry juice. Last night I had four more. I was totally stoked. I went to see Metric and was dancing up a storm -- so much so i guess that the singer told me from stage that i was making her night and inspiring her to dance.

I guess she didn’t see me earlier in the evening at Julie Pietrangelo's karaoke birthday party where I got the party started by singing an absolutely off key version of JT's "Like I Love You." It included me dancing, climbing on furniture, and falling on my ass while trying to show Julie just how limber i can be -- which is apparently, not very.

Out of nowhere a guy that nobody in the party knew started singing Christina’s “Beautiful” and were all shocked by how awesome his voice was. I had to take a photo of him, and it’s definitely the best photo I’ve ever taken of someone in my life. I’ve never seen a smile that big!

if that doesn’t work, click here.

I should detox this weekend, but I totally forgot how much fun it is to get wasted. It’s like I’ve got my second wind back!

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