Friday, October 10, 2003

Let me clear things up...

I'm not a "writer" as much as I "chronicle pop culture." I think there have been some misunderstandings about this.

Also, I drank heavily at the ELLEgirl party and Michelle Branch is very sweet. I didnt get drunk, but i did get rowdy. Brian nearly got punched in the face when I stared yelling at a couple who were making out in Chelsea (a boy and girl mind you!). I yelled "Wooo! Make out City!!!" Moments later my back started to give in and I had to call it a night. For whatever reason, I can't have coke (the soda kind) after i've had a beer, and i cant have mix drinks after i've had a soda type of drink. I have no idea why, but my back gets in such massive amounts of intolerable pain.

When i burp I feel better, but sometimes, that doesn't cut it.

Tonight I see Radiohead.

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