Friday, October 3, 2003

Back to the Beginning.

I finally got closer to drunk than i've been in ages, which felt really wonderful and so i'm sort of enjoying this hangover right now and nursing it with a coke and buttered bagel.

Anyway, getting a bit drunk last night was great. someone handed me a bottle of beer and the first thing i did was shake it up and hold it above my head as the beer squirted all over and i nearly got kicked out. I had so much fun DJing at Broadcast. I haven't had fun like that in ages and it just felt like so much fun to DJ to a full room and to act retarded and make mistakes and dance around and not be tired. I think I'm getting back to square one with all this sobriety. Getting drunk was just so much fun. I forgot that getting totally retarded is actually really fun. Oh man. I can't be my friend Baron's sponsor now. Needless to say, i probably wasn't looking very hot when I went to shoot "Hot Babes, Ugly Dudes" for VH1 this afternoon. "Ugly Writers, No Boyfriend."

I really love this band called the Killers. I can't stop listening to them and especially the song "Jenny" (which is on the page i've linked). I don't know how to describe their sound... they're sort of dark, rocking, dancey and the singer's voice is super unique -- one moment it sounds like the guy from the mars volta and the next it's a bit like Robert Smith. I once rode my bike home listening to "Jenny" about 10 times.

This sort of make me thinks about how hard monthly magazines have it. We write our content three or more months before it actually hits the stands or lands in someone's mailbox. We need to predict what will be popular and who our readers will want to read about, and with the internet being the absolute best tool to find about new bands, i worry that people will think that we're so behind the times. Magazines really didnt have to compete with the web 5 years ago.

More importantly, why are people constantly shocked by the fact that i think Tom Cruise is fucking hot? I mean, I also like Ewan and Jude... but Tom isn't bad, I don't think.

RedBull sent me 5 cases of their product today. Five fucking cases! Maybe I should write Phizer and tell them how much i love Vike. This is a joke!

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