Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Drunk Girls

Yesterday the fine people at Red Stripe sent me a case of their finest imported Jamaican beer. So I brought it home, called my friend Andy, and invited him over to enjoy the lager before heading out to meet up with Brian for some Kareoke at Lolita Tavern.

Andy came over with his med school friend Jared. We sat around drinking, smoking, and talking about the Olsen Twins. Jared's family is born-again Christian and I learned that he kept Kosher and celebrates Passover. Like me, he thinks that Hannukah isn't as important of a holiday as the media would like us to think. Whatever, the festival of lights was important, but in the grand scheme of things, the holiday gets more attention than it should because it falls in the same month of Christmas. I think that in my 23 years of living, I got about 3 gifts on Hannukah, and it was all coincedental because my mom just likes to shop. Last weekend she bought me a new comforter and Ralph Lauren sheets... but only because she loves to shop, not because she was posing as Hannukah Harry.

Anyway... on to the important stuff:
After the three of us had a few drinks we headed over to Lolita Tavern to meet up with Brian and participate in some Sid and Buddy Kareoke. [By the way, i think S&B will be hosting the Aquarius Birthday Kareoke Bash that i'm having with Laura and Dan -- everyone is invited, of course]. Good times as usual. Jared joined me on stage to sing "Ziggy Stardust" ... I tried to serenade a drunk girl who was passed out, but even my off-key singing didnt wake her. So everyone posed with her.

Eventually I woke her up (which took a lot of shaking, prodding, etc), helped her up, and told her that she had to go. Andy brought her some water, she drank it and ran out. We tried to find her to put her in a taxi, but she literally disappeared into the night. Vanished.