Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Where is my Mind?

I'm sort of obsessed, again, with Giant Drag. They're an LA duo that sound like a poppier version of Mazzy Star. So fucking good. Music on the website. So fucking good. Trust me.

Anyway... on to a proper update:

My mom called me on thursday night to tell me not to come home for Shabbat dinner on friday since she and my dad would be going to DC to visit my brother Albert, which marked my second consecutive Friday of missing Shabbat... which bums me out. The previous Friday i got snowed in. As Whatevs would say, no buzz.

So friday night on my way home I bought a DVD player for $50 and $75 worth in DVDs, ordered some Zen Palate, and watched "Zoolander". No Drinking! It's amazing that the Olsen Twins movie, "When In Rome", really resembles the production value of a Cinemax porn. Exactly. Needless to say, I'm still obsessed with those two, and all siblings in general (Hiltons, Gallaghers, Greenwoods).

Saturday night I went to the Snow Ball rock-critic party at Siberia. Drank a few drinks. And just spent 4 hours dancing to hip hop. Earlier in the night i went with Miss Modernage (who climbed out of her exile) to Jinner's birthday party. OK, I crashed it, and proceeded to eat all her fine chinese delicacies and hog the Kareoke machine with MM. You can see photos ... [photos have been taken down to protect the identity of MM.] No Buzz!

On Sunday I took my 16 and 17 year old cousins to see My Chemical Romance, who were opening up for Mindless Self Indulgence. MCR's new songs are amazing, but the crowd wasn't buying what they were selling. At one point, Gerard the singer (who was decked out in corpse makeup), told the crowd to spit on him at the count of three... and they did. My poor cousin Eric was right up by the stage -- front and center -- and got hit a bit. It was shocking to see how much spit was flying through the air.

The opening band was called Tub Ring, and while I was in MCR's dressing room (which they shared with TR), catching up, the singer of TR asked the room "What's cooler than being cool?"... which the room replied "ICE COLD!" and then everyone started singing "Hey Ya!" I asked one of the TR guys if they were gonna cover that song and he said, sort of in a mocking way, "Yeah, we always cover songs that are sung in the dressing room five minutes before show time." I was like "dick." But then they did! Geezus, if that isn't the best song of the past five years...

MSI was one of the craziest bands I've seen in a long time. Holy crap. It was like industrial mixed with hip hop mixed with punk. Their EP gives me a bit of a headache, but the show was fucking awesome. Their fans dress like they've raided a Hot Topic tho.

I was about to say that I had no booze on Sunday, but i remembered that i went to see Carlos DJ at Black & White afterwards and he gave me a drink ticket. I contemplated my drink selection for a long time before settling on what I thought would make me the least ill. I'm such a hooker: I ordered a Sea Breeze.

Last night I went to Webster Hall to see Placebo and sadly missed stellastarr*, but I heard that they actually were better than Placebo. I have to say, i was a bit underwhelmed by the show. It was my ninth or tenth time seeing Placebo, and I just found the new songs a bit boring live, and that's like 85% of what their live set is made up of. Plus, the sound was bad no matter where I was standing (too bassy on stage left, too empty towards the back). When I went to see Echo and the Bunnymen at Webster Hall it was like I was blanketed by the music and light show. Not so much with Placebo. They did cover "Where Is My Mind?" which was awesome. I must say that Placebo's first two albums are among my all time favorites.

The after party was pretty dead and drinks were really pricey (thankfully, two drinks were purchased for me... I had two drinks). My friend Scott kept on freaking out by how much I resemble Brian Molko. The resemblance is totally fucking uncanny, even I get a bit freaked out. Speaking of freaking out, i totally, and inexplicably freaked out on my brother after the show when he laid down the smallest of guilt trips (being the jew that he is, he didnt even notice that he was guilt tripping, and still denies it). But anyway, the freakout was totally uncalled for and I felt totally bad. I don't handle guilt well at all, it keeps me from sleeping at night.

Back to Placebo... I was hanging out with my friend Jess and we were super pleased to hear "Bionic" and danced around like retards (ok, only me). Stefan the bassist wins the coveted "Gayest Dancer of 2003" award for his interpretive dance to "Taste In Men." So gay. Brian momentarily turned into MC Molko in the beginning of the set and uttered things like "What's up New York Citeeee?!" I also met some people who said they read my blog. That was so fucking awesome!

Fuck, this blog update has been boring as fuck. Sorry if you got this far.
Tonight is Sarah Wilson's birthday party. I will drink. And then hate myself in the morning. Just you watch!

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