Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I'm DJing on New Years Eve

In case you didnt hear me the first eight times, I'm DJing at Don Hills tomorrow for New Years Eve. It will be fun. The flyer is here.
This is me DJing:

Also, my new years resolution (aside from no longer doing blow off the bodies of under aged boys ... they will be 18 now!), is to listen to all the cds i get sent each day. At least two songs of each. And lucky for me, I decided to start this resolution today because the third CD i listened to was a band caleld Pitty Sing. HOLY SHIT. PITTY SING are awesome.. They sound like old U2 mixed with Suede or something. It was exactly what i wanted to hear.

This is how my friend Greg described them:
"Radio" woulda fit perfectly on the Breakfast Club soundtrack. Reminds me
of Simple Minds with maybe a bit of early U2. They are good at what they do
and I enjoyed it but only in an escapist sort of way. As James Murphy would
say, "borrowed nostalgia for the unremembered 80's."

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