Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Keep Running Up that Hill

Placebo's cover of "Running Up that Hill" by Kate Bush is really good, and I'm sort of really upset that I can't find it on iTunes, and I have no idea which song I should buy from her. I really like the original of this song -- and now it appears that I've maxed out my credit card and can't buy anymore songs. Marc is gonna lend me a copy of The Kick. Speaking of Marc, Suicide Girls have posted an interview with him that was surprisingly interesting to me, even though I know a lot about him already.

My memory is truely a fucking piece of garbage. It's useless. I've willingly destroyed every last memory cell in my brain and I regret it. However, I can't say that I'm going to do anything to fix that. I sometimes feel like the guy from Motley Crue who overdosed (and technically died) from heroin, was revived and left the hospital only to do the biggest dose of heroin he'd ever done in his life. He learned nothing. And just like that guy from Motley Crue -- the one whose name i forget because of my brain crippling habits -- i've learned nothing. I think that sometimes i'd rather forget than remember. I remember dreams better than reality sometimes. For instance, when I was 12 i had a dream that aliens landed in my backyard and turned it all into lava (i had a gigantic back yard when i was little with a tennis court and a pool and i was always fearful that aliens were gonna land on my tennis court -- i'm not joking. and there was this endless expanse of woods behind my house that i figured was a perfect place to land a ufo). In this dream they did some pirated tv broadcast and decided to air a game show that showed my brother Albert surf boarding on the lava. I will never forget this dream.

What I did in the month of August, however, well, I have this blog to remind me.

I was looking through the archeives and thinking "whoa, i saw elefant dj this summer? whoa, I had a party?" Shit like that.

Anyway... Sunday and Monday were both sober nights for the most part. Last night i had half a beer. Elizabeth's best friend from growing up, Ariel, came over for dinner. Lizzy made us Fajitas and it was the first time I hung out with Lizzy for more than 20 minutes since forever. At 11pm I was in bed and watching the "Daily Show" and learning about politics. It's sad when the only news I get is from Comedy Central and the New York Post. Every once in a while I'm temped to read something a bit more substatial, but I think I might have Adult ADD like those commercials I keep seeing will lead me to believe. Everything happens in spurts. I pick up the phone and forget who I meant to call. I turn around and forget why I was even standing up. So unless my news can come in something short, simple, and to the point, i fear that i'm doomed.

Jude Law is stunning. I found a photo of him while downloading information into my brain. It was from the New York Post. I cut it out and taped it to my desk. Now, whenever I need inspiration I just look at him with his eyes and big non-british smile. I think: this man should be the father of my children. He's got like, 40 kids already, what's one more? Seriously, if I pulled a gwynnie with Jude, I wouldn't drink, smoke, or eat poorly for NINE MONTHS. I would do this with my other non-Jude children as well, i think. I dont want to be stuck with no "Geek Love" babies.

Chuck called me his own personal Hilton sister. That was the best compliment of my life. Chuck is sick and I hope he gets well soon.

Speaking of the Hilton Sisters, i totally forgot to watch "Simple Life" last night. I think i was so distracted by Lizzy's cooking (and doing my best to make sure that the food was prepared relatively kosher). Vicki and I decided that Paris Hilton is the ultimate democrat. Most democrats (often characterized by their forward thinking) would be less democratic about the people they sleep with. But not Paris. Paris will sleep with anyone of any sex, race, and socio-economic background. She's an equal opportunist and not even in an insincere affirmative action kind of way. She's sincerely this way. Democrats could only wish that they were as forward thinking as she is.

Thank you Chris Clark for this amazing link:
Dominic Simler, 30 years old, a managing director at 02Live (a corporation that sells Oxygen Terminals), and probably one hell of an alcoholic, has invented a device called AWOL (Alcohol Without Liquid). The device allows the user to mix alcohol and pure oxygen, getting the user drunk immediately and according to him, nixxing any hangover.

The Phantom Planet album just gets better and better every time I listen to it. Because of that...

An Open Letter to the Person Who Introduced Phantom Planet to Better Music

To Whomever It May Concern:

Thank you for lending the band Phantom Planet some good music. Maybe you accidently left your ipod at one of their houses and like, you're totally pissed cause they never returned it to you, and you probably had to buy a new ipod (which was so worth it anyway, cause you probably only had the 10 gig version while the 30 and 40 gig versions are so much better and cost the same as the 10 gig one did 2 years ago) -- but think about it -- because you did that, their new album is retarded amounts of good. This album makes me want to return TOTALLY to the days when I'd get really, really, really drunk and make out with boys who may or may not have been in bands and never return home until 4am on weeknights.

For that, I thank you.

Sarah Lewitinn


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