Wednesday, December 3, 2003

one plus one equals three

I guess Chris and Gwen decided to take practicing making babies to the next level. Gwenny is preggers.

My friend Ron is taking me to a party on Thursday for that movie Big Fish and Ewan McGregor is supposed to be there. I'm gonna wear a tshirt that says "EWAN: PUT BABY HERE" with an arrow pointing at my belly.

Last night I went to Ben's house to watch "Simple Life" with Lindsay and Jay after I DJed for some VH1 thing. Ben was nice enough to Divo it for me (Divo is what i'm calling Digital tv's version of tivo). I love Paris. I dont know about all those haters out there, but there is some sublime genius to taking high heeled shoes to a farm. Also, Nicole Richie, God bless her. I've never seen a girl so intent on sex in my life. She's why women saught sexual liberation.

I'm in Toronto today. It's so fucking cold and it took me forever to find a sushi restaurant that would deliver to the hotel... but man, was it worth it! This sushi is awesome.

Last but not least, the absolutely stunning Mary-Kate Olsen (of Olsen Twins fame). Link via Whatevs. I've been obsessed with the Olsen Twins for like, 5 years.

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