Sunday, December 14, 2003


Me and Marc Spitz are having a ghetto'd holiday party at Lotus Cafe. I dont think there will be any free drinks, but we'll be DJing.

The following was written by Marc, so please don't think i refer to myself in the third person.

WHAT: Sarah and Marc's Jew Wave X-Mas Party

WHY: Cause the Spin/Vibe Party is not open to the public. And it's really just a Vibe party that SPIN staffers are allowed to crash.

WHERE: Lotus Cafe on Clinton & Stanton cause apparently you can smoke there w/o too much problem.

WHEN: 9PM Till Whenever. Monday, December 14.

WHY SHOULD I COME?  MARC AND SARAH ANNOY ME: Remember on "Do They Know It's Christmas" when Simon Le Bon sang "There's a world outside your window.  And it's a world of dread and fear." And Sting came in and sang "Where the only water flowing is the bitter Sting of tears..."  Remember how cool you thought it was that Sting was singing the word "Sting?"  Well if you don't anymore, because this crazy business of rock has diminished your Christmas spirit, you will cause we're gonna fuckin' play it... loud.  As well as other holiday favorites and...  Pulp and Joy Division.  There may very well be drinks provided for Spin staff.  There will definitely be good cheer and Bing Crosby/David Bowie style harmony for all to enjoy.  Also, every time Ultra dances on a table, an angel gets its wings!!!!!!!

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