Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Jack White

Jack White's Mug Shot.

Everyone is pointing out that he looks like Michael Jackson. I think he looks hot. And what a suit! He's so good looking! It's such a great photo... I mean, it looks like it could've been taken for the cover of SPIN or something! He's so fucking smart. I mean, he know that this photo will be flashed around the media more than any other photo of him, so he's dressed so fucking well. So sharp. So perfect. Man-Beater or not... I fucking love him.

Bon Joyage
Many of my closest friends have gone away. Lizzy is in New Mexico, Vicki is going away til next year, and Marc is going to Australia, where he says, "i may never come back alive. especially if the rapping kangaroo steals my money and hops off into the outback."

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