Friday, December 26, 2003

Holiday Sneer

It's always funny to me when people wish me a merry Christmas. I mean, I can understand the whole holiday spirit and cheer and whatever, but the whole thing means nil to me. However, I did watch so many hours on the Discovery Channel about the life of Jesus, Mary, and everything else surrounding the New Testament that the Disocovery Channel could muster. I watched so many hours, in fact, that I had a dream last night that I was Mary, Noah (of the Arc), and Jesus rolled into one.

For Xmas eve I went over to my friend Ridge's house in Queens. We watched Peanuts cartoons, Edward Scissorhands, and ate Jumbalya or whatever it's called/spelled. Afterwards I headed back into the city a little earlier than planned and had a quick drink with Marc. I also tried to climb into his suitcase so he could take me to Australia with him for when he goes to interview the Vines. As I was heading back home, my brother Lawrence called me just as I was driving past him on the street in my cab. I jumped out and joined him for a drink at some cheesy club that was hosting a Matzoh Ball. It was so incredibly lame (I yelled out "Sausage Fest!" as i walked in and got shot with dirty looks all around) that we left after 20 minutes. He headed off to the new Crobar and I went home. Apparently the Lubuvatch Organization were in their Mitzvah Mobile outside of Crobar trying to recruit new followers of the ultra-orthodox jewish cult-like group. When I was little my mom used to take me to visit Rabbi Schneerson (sp?) who is the person the Lubuvatch's look up to as a sort of profit. We'd wait in a long line in Brooklyn for hours and hours and walk up to him, hand him a dollar, he'd give us a blessed dollar in return, mumble something or another, and then we'd go off on our way. I was about 8 years old when we did this, so my memory is a bit cloudy... however, I'm sure he brought happiness to a lot of people. I'm just confused by what the Lubuvatch community is trying to do with their Mitzvah Mobiles... i should do some research.

Speaking of Lawrence, he changed his friendster photo to images from high school. He was so fucking cute and new wave. Look!.

Yesterday, for Xmas Day, Nate the fabulous Roommate, cooked an amazing meal for his bandmates. It looked amazing... I couldn't eat it cause it wasn't kosher, but basically it was chicken rolled with ricotta and feta cheese, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. Nate cooks! He's like the best boy in the whole world. He also got a Christmas tree for the apartment which he decorated with white lights and blue balls (to pay respect to Hannukah), and we made an angle for the top using an image of Thom Yorke i found in Blender magazine.

After dinner I went to the movies with Karen and Jordan to see "Big Fish" (I was crying like a pms-ing girl who has just watched a Sally Struthers "kids in africa need your money" commercial at the end... not to mention squealing everytime Ewan came on screen). We all noticed Drew and Fab in line for popcorn behind us and so this prompted Jordan to ask quite loudly while we were sitting down "I THOUGHT DREW AND FAB WERE OVER?" not noticing them sitting two rows directly in front of us. God Bless Jordan for delivering the quote of the night. So Drew and Fab are back on!

When I got home, after going to Lit, I watched the World Idol competition that i had taped while at the movies. I'm totally in love with Kurt from Norway's performance. He was so utterly amazing. He sounded a lot like the singer of Kent. I think i'm gonna buy his album.

Free Jack White items are for sale just in time for belated holiday gifts. Incase anyone is interested, i'm a women's medium. Thanks to Rachel for that link.

Finally -- I'm DJing at Don Hills on New Years Eve. The party is apparently gonna be really great, so if anyone reading this needs something to do that night, you should go. Come and say hi to me if you do! I will probably be very drunk and possibly try to make out with you and then you'll also discover my inability to remember anything and total need to document everything with my digital camera as a result. I promise to also play "Ice Ice Baby."

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