Tuesday, December 16, 2003


Tonight was the Jew Wave party that me and Marc decided to throw. Holy crap, was that fun. Thanks to everyone who came. Thanks to everyone I made out with (some of those photos are posted on my friendster page). I walked around with mistle toe hanging from my hat. Pretty much the only people who got only a peck on the cheek were people I work with (apart from Marc who gave me full tongue). Tracey brought her dog. Jeanann cheered people on. Doug cut his hair. Justin licked my face, a lot. Sera and Eleni came from LA. Me and Vicki took the best photo ever. Saddam came. I showed up late. Danced on a table. An angel grew wings. Marcus came from Tenafly. Karen came from Mars. New-Ben's face is probably covered with my spit. Rob wore the PRML SCRM shirt i first met him in. Danielle and Daniel make me smile. Carlos met Bowie. Greg is Nelson Mandella. Marc has more xmas music than a jew should.

My metal/goth/extremo side project will be named: Call Me Morbid, Call Me Pale
My emo side project will be named: Her Daily Obsession.

check out the flyer for the party on new years eve! i've never seen my name printed so big! ever!

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