Monday, December 29, 2003

Nerve Personals

About a year ago i started working on a feature for SPIN called "Rock Star Personals" where I had rockers fill out a profile for to see what sort of response they'd get in the dating pool. Naturally, I wondered the same thing and joined as well. I'm constantly fascinated by the type of people who send me messages, and have even gone as far as to meet up with one or two of them (hey, i'm single and go through phases of hating that and loving that). Typically I leave the bar thinking "ahh... this is why they're single" and imagine that they're thinking the same thing about me. (Oh, but there was this one time when a boy was the spitting image of Ewan McGregor. He was hot.)

I've come to realize that I am probably a lot more shallow when it comes to looks than I would've once liked to believe. I pretty much ignore most profiles where the person says they're a musician (if I wanted to date a musician, I really have no shortage of those outside my doorstep). I get a little embarrassed when people say they recognize me from TV. I like people who look like they suffer from drug addictions. Ideally I want to meet a jewish boy, but don't typically like the way jewish boys look (there are many exceptions, i know, but the typical jewish boy that would send me a response on nerve is the typical jewish boy i'd never date), so I tend to ignore those profiles as well. I am over dating older men, and almost over dating younger men.

Basically, what I've come down to, is that I'm undatable. I'm easilycharmed.

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