Monday, December 1, 2003

Goodbye Weekend

Holy shit?! How fucking great is that Vh1 "Big In 2003" Awards show? It's the best awards show i've ever seen i think. Totally fucking retarded in every which way. Fan-fucking-tastic.

I forget what my last posting was about, but Thanksgiving was fantastic incase I didnt mention it before. My uncle and aunt came over with their granddaughter who is so adorable, i want to eat her up. One and a half years old and already counting, singing the alphabet, and totally socialized. Such a great little girl. I want to plant one in my belly. Must stop drinking if i choose to do that. Oh the horror! However, I think that because i was so hungover from the night before, i had one sip of champagne before wanting to hurl.

Andre 3000 is the future. No joke.

Friday I met up with Ben C after shabbat dinner in Englewood. Nice to see a friend of mine from the city in my home turf. Ben is fun. Afterwards I went to Iggys on the upper east side to meet up with two of my oldest friends, Allison and Rema. I hadnt seen either of them in a couple of years and it was so nice seeing them and having a totally comfortable chemistry. I performed "Living on a Prayer" with Rema and had a drink or two, which eased my nerves on my horrible tone-deafness. I decided to liven our act a bit by jumping up on a pool table in front of me. Unfortunately i'm really really short and totally ate it butsting up my leg. It was totally fucking awesome. I rolled over on my back and managed to stand up and sing and dance on the pool table. Tables dont stand a chance with me, ever.
"Hello Mr. Table. I've had a couple of drinks and so now i'm going to stand on you because this seems like the right thing to do and i'm also very short and the only way people will be able to see me is if i gain a few feet. Thank you Mr Table. You're so kind. Let's fuck."

The next morning I got up super early to have brunch with Sydney, Allison and Syd's boyfriend Brett at that Essex place on Essex. Sydney and Allison were practically my sisters growing up. It was like being back in time or something. So fucking great. Cramed in a mimosa and a half, which sounds like a lot for breakfast, but it's better than my typical 4 mimosa minimum. Afterwards I went to see a movie with Ben and a couple of his friend. We saw The Triplets of Belleville and then i saw a heart shaped cloud in the sky. No joke.

Later that night I went to meet up with Dalia, who is one of my best friends and I've known her since i was 6 or 7. I hadnt seen her in a year because everytime she's in the city (she's attends school in boston) she goes to super pretentious clubs and bars with her other friends. While she invites me, I just don't feel really comfortable at those bars, can't afford them, and boys aren't trying to buy me drinks like they are her and her other friends -- hopefully because i'm a bit too downtown for them and not because i'm like totally ugly. I finally managed to get Dalia to come to one of my watering holes and she totally loved it. She thought Lit was very hippy-esque -- which is hilarious to me -- and made her feel like she was in a Doors movie. The thing about Dalia is that she can't walk down the street without attracting attention. She's gorgeous like Jessica Simpson style (only more petite), and black men LOVE HER. She could be the new star of the Black People Love Us website. All men love her and she's totally fucking out of her mind. It's amazing. Some guy pushed me when he was racing down the street and she tried starting a fight with him. So great.

At Lit, I only had ONE drink and Brian managed to snap a picture up my skirt. It looks like abstract art, not like the view to kill he was hoping for. I guess that's thanks to the red tights and GIGANTIC ASS. Also, Ben and co. came to meet up. His friend Natalka has awesome hair, and his friend Jay looks like Ryder Strong. I feel like Topanga.

Today was Brian day. We went to brunch, the movies, he then brought me home and showed me pictures of Grant's balls in a site update preview. Brian should model, no joke. Then Vicki came over and we ate and watched TV. No booze today!

Motherfucker Fun (courtesy of Andy):

Me and Raphael. Raph believes that if you look directly at the camera, it will steal your soul. This is why he's never looking at the camera, ever.

Me and Andy. It looks like I'm holding on for dear life. I probably was. Brian thinks that Andy is a dead ringer for Edward Norton.