Friday, February 6, 2004


I forgot to mention the most important parts of last night's activities. First off, it was Niki's birthday. She had a birthday dinner with Lizzy -- on Lizzy's floor eating Mama's no less -- and then she was kind enough to escort me to Pianos where we danced while Belvy spun some fine tooonz. Some friends from far away came to visit as well. I had only 2 or 3 drinks (I think!) and a shot of tequila and ended up not being able to move in the morning AT ALL. I came late to work because as I was heading out the door (fully clothed in my jacket, hat, scarf, etc) when the toilet started calling my name. It was like "Hey Sarah, remember those drinks you had last night and how you mixed your alcohol? Guess what, bitch, you're gonna puke... NOW." So i dropped my purse on the floor and did my business, looked in the mirror and said "You're not drinking tonight!"

I'm willing to take bets right now against that.

Niki's got a gathering of friends coming into town for the night and she's taking US to dinner! It's like a Bat Mitzvah or something! Surely the wine will be the only thing that goes with gnocci. Saturday will be evil as well I'm sure. My birthday party (well, mine and Laura's and Dan's) will be drunk. Lizzy bought me this amazing black tu-tu dress from H&M and I'm a goth ballerina now. So much total buzz. Oh, and last night I made out with Rob Holmes. He was wearing eyeliner. It seemed right.

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