Wednesday, February 4, 2004


Two things first:
1. I'm gonna be on the O'Reilly Factor on Friday night talking about the Grammys. Totally fucking weird, i know!
2. I'm going to London, England next Thursday for about a week. If anyone knows of any secrets shows or fun parties that I should check out, please let me know. Here's my email address:

Last night was my birthday, so my family (my brother came up from DC!) took my out to Sushi Samba -- which is my favorite sushi restaurant. After about 4 sips from a mojito my mom was declaring her drunkeness. Naturally I had two drinks and was just slightly buzzed (tho i did order my parents a spicey tuna roll for no good reason). The place was so fucking noisey and at one point my mom yelled "Horay, she's finally leaving!" when the loudest girl at the table next to us got up to go to the bathroom.

Afterwards I went to Village Karaoke with Lawrence to meet up with stellastarr* for some jamming. The boyfriends -- Greg and Raphael -- joined me, and by law I can't do karaoke without Brian. Even Julie Pie came down with two people from her office who are very cute: The tragically gay Shaw, and the Jewish Fabrizio named Ben. By the way, Shaw is tragically gay because he's as gorgeous as any man you'll ever see -- but you'll never have his babies! NOOOOO!

Anyway, I sang many songs. "Hey Ya!" and "Seven Nation Army" and a New Order song with Michael ss* and at some point (ok, many points), i sang while lying on the floor. I also sang "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand a capella style until my brother stole the mic from my hand... but it was Jonny Kaps' girlfriend Heidi who fucking stole the show with her asstacular karen-o-ified version of Zeppelin songs.

By the way, it took me 10 minutes to get up on a table and start dancing. I think I had too many drinks because by the time I came home I was blabbering something vaguely incoherent to my roommate Nate who just smiled and nodded a lot.

Monday night I went to dinner with Sarah Wilson and her girlfriends. We then hit up Rob Sheffield's birthday party where I was fed one shot at midnight. Rob is awesome, i'm glad my birthday is back to back with his.

Tonight, I'm off to see Eva Cavela's band called the Drive at Don Hills. Hopefully I'll be able to catch America's Top Model AND American Idol.

Oh! And Marti Zimlin sent me a pair of fucking awesome shoes! They're mid-calf, satin, chuck taylors with a dragon stitched on the side. I'm a fucking ninja... just like my blind dog.

Pop some bubble wrap.

Two heads are better than one:

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